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Sleepy Snivy $75 SOLD
Sleepy Tepig $90

Entei $15 SOLD
Dragonite $10 SOLD
Charmander $15 SOLD
Bulbasaur $15 SOLD

Blastoise $10 SOLD
Duskull $25 SOLD
Ban Dragonite $10 SOLD
Leafeon $15

Oshawott $15
Deino,Zweilous, & Hydreigon set $20

Neo cards $5 SOLD
Poke Blaster $2 SOLD
Pikachu Cup $2

Following Items in picture #1
Sold: Lucario, Togekiss, Charmander, and Liligant

Following Items in picture #2
Sold: Zweilous Kid and Charmander

Tags $1 (except axew)
Dragon Keychain 5

Following Items in picture #3

Sold: ALL

Modeling set $10
All kids and Reshiram $2 (a piece)
Sold: All Charizard and Charmander kids

Chocobo $25